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(Founded 1958)


Affiliated to the Kennel Union of Southern Africa






·         We hope that The Jolly Dog School is one of the most affordable dog training schools available. We also believe that we are amongst  one of the oldest obedience training schools in South Africa.


·       We offer a ‘family’ discount for two or more people living under the same roof, and discounts for people 60 years old and older

·        Jolly dog school offers obedience training for both:


Domestic obedience training


Obedience show training


·        We offer both jumping and agility training for dog over the age of 18 months  of age. Younger dogs can go agility, but should not be allowed to jump.

·        We have affiliations with various other clubs for working trials ; fly ball ; dancing ; carting .

·        Classes are held on Saturday afternoons for an hour.


Except where the Friday or the Monday Public Holiday

Then there is no school on the Saturday of the weekend

(A puliblic holiday on Saturday does not make it a long weekend, so we do train)


·        Jolly dog school is centrally located at Technisa, Hugenot Road, cnr Main Avenue, Bordeaux, Randburg

·        How long do you attend school? That is entirely up to you and what heights you wish to take your dog to.

         Your membership fee is inclusive to the end of the year.

§         Jolly Dog school holds their ‘end-of-year’ function which is a fun afternoon braai for members and their partner and is included in your annual fee.

§         Jolly Dog school hold their championship show every two years and open show on the alternative years offering:

            Obedience ; Agility ; Jumping ; Carting ; Flyball


History of project

This website of The Jolly Dog School was created in October 2009

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